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My formal tertiary qualifications - Advanced Diploma of Photography - are from the Photography Studies College, Melbourne, Australia. I majored in photojournalism in my final year.

My interests in photography are broad and I'm equally at home in the studio doing beautiful portraits as I am being out and about on corporate assignments and other projects. In fact corporate work is where I find myself much of the time doing environmental portraits, product shoots, and general photography.

My most recent assignment was a photographic documentary on Melbourne's Sewerage System which I've titled "Downhill From Here", and prior to that a photoessay on domestic garbage, and it's journey from cradle to grave, so to speak! Perhaps the most exhilarating documentary was about the "Sea Pilots". Ships have never seemed so monstrous when floating aside them in a small pilot boat.

I encourage you to browse my website, and please contact me if I can help with your photographic needs.


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