Places and Scenes (15)
Places and Scenes

Taking advantage of nature’s elements makes the difference between a good and a great image.
Using the right equipment for the particular scene along with the timing and content all combine to
reproduce the dynamics and mood of the moment.



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Portraits (11)

For business or personal portraiture, capturing the natural charm, mood or culture of a person
requires many individual elements to come together at once. There’s nothing quite so unique and
individual as the perfect portrait, and it becomes a treasure for life.



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Quirky (6)

Occasionally, moments of everyday life present themselves. They can be partially abstract and can
often induce humour. To capture these moments is golden. Also digital imagery and natural science
can often be used to produce images that induce a sense of curiosity – that “how do you do that?” response.



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Photography and journalism are perfect partners because they can document a story or spin a yarn
often invoking powerful emotions.



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Commercial (12)
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Urban Environment (8)
Urban Environment
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Botanicals (9)
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